Lynchburg Man Lives to Tell Heart Stopping Story

Lynchburg, VA - His heart stopped beating as he lay inches from the traffic whizzing by on Wards Road.

And now, he says, he should not be alive. But Duane Dunn is, after what his family calls a miracle. We first told you about his collapse last month.

Some things happen for no reason.

When your heart completely stops, not once but twice, and you can live to tell the story, well, there's a reason for that.

Duane Dunn just doesn't know what that reason is, just yet.

Life is measured in heart beats. And that's especially true, for Duane Dunn.

"I wake up every morning and praise God. Thank him for being awake, for just waking me up" said Dunn.

Dunn's heart stopped.

"I died on the way to the scene, my heart stopped, completely gone" he said.

He had congestive heart failure.

A Good Samaritan performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. While being transported to the hospital, it stopped again.

"I'm very, very lucky to be alive, period. I should medically not be, but spiritually, I am, yeah, alive" said Dunn.

What emergency room doctors told his wife Angela, she won't soon forget.

"It's not good; he might not make it through the night. But if he does, it still might not be good. They don't know how long he went without oxygen" she said.

"They told us that they had to put him in an induced coma because of the operation" said Dunn's sister in law, Kathy Worley.

"The preacher laid his hands on him and that's basically all he said, God I'm asking you please, heal this man, heal Duane and bring him back to us and stay with us. And that was the night he woke up" said Angela.

After three days in a medically induced coma, Duane sat up, and pulled the breathing tube from his throat.

"I'm more thankful every day that I wake up and still have him because for a second there, it could've went the other way" said Angela.

Duane says he doesn't know why, but God had a reason to keep him.

"I'm looking for it. I'm asking every day for it, and when it comes, I'll let you all know" he said.

Duane would walk out of the hospital one week after his heart failure.

We confirmed with a hospital employee that Duane's story is nothing short of a miracle. Now, Duane feels fine, with help from a $40,000 defibrillator that sits in his chest.