Lynchburg Man Killed, Woman Injured in Campbell Co. Wreck

Campbell Co., VA - State Police say a wreck Saturday night in the 700 block of Candlers Mountain Road in Campbell County killed a man and severely injured a woman. They say the wreck happened just before 9 p.m.

Neighbors say this area of Candlers Mountain Road is known for accidents, the man who lives on the property where the accident occurred, says in the 11 years he's lived there, he has seen 11 accidents. But he says none were as tragic as the one last night.

"After they hit the Pine tree and took that down, it disintegrated the vehicle," said John Jenkins, who heard the wreck happen in front of his house.

Jenkins says the sounds he heard were terrifying, as the car wrecked in his front yard.

"We went down and started checking the area to see if anybody was hurt, and we found one person thrown out and we were trying to take care of her," said Jenkins.

That person was 19-year-old Susan Avery Campbell. She was airlifted from a nearby field, and is currently undergoing treatment at UVA Medical Center.

Once Campbell was found, Jenkins and his wife, Sharon, say they helped officials look for her personal belongings. That's when they found 21-year-old Chad Marlowe.

"We started looking for her pocketbook, and that's when me and my daughter's boyfriend ran into him," said Sharon Jenkins.

State Police say Marlowe died at the scene; they say neither was wearing a seat belt.

"And then to know he was a friend of my sons' I mean, he has been to my house several times and he had a lot of friends," said Sharon Jenkins.

Darlene Hensley knew Marlowe from high school. They both went to Heritage High School.

"He made everybody smile, all of his friends loved him because he was always fun loving and care free," said Hensley.

As for Jenkins, he just wishes people driving in the neighborhood, would be more careful.

"The big thing here is everybody out there please wear your seatbelt, we've had that helicopter land in the field way too many times," said John Jenkins.

State police aren't saying whether or not speed was a factor in this wreck, but neighbors do say that the speed limit on this road was recently lowered from 55 miles per hour to 45.

The crash is under investigation.