Lynchburg Man Holds Pool Tournaments for Newtown Shooting Victims

Campbell Co., VA - A Lynchburg man organized two pool tournaments Saturday to raise money for the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

They were at the Moose Lodge and the Clubhouse Bar and Billiards in Campbell County.

By 6 p.m., both tournaments had brought in about $5,000.

James Marvin was the man behind it all.

"For children to be butchered. It broke my heart. It could've been my daughter's schools just as well as it was theirs. It just hit me pretty hard in the heart. I just felt the need that I wanted to do something good," he said at the tournament Saturday.

So Marvin organized two pool tournaments to raise money for the Newtown Memorial Fund. That's a national fund created to help the families of the victims killed in the shooting.

Marvin says 90 % of money raised from the two tournaments will go to the fund, and 100 % of donations collected outside of the tournament will too. That includes money from T-shirts they are selling.

About 50 people, or 25 teams donated money to play the tournament at the Moose Lodge. Some were regular players, others came out for the cause.

"As a mother and grandmother, it touched my heart all the little children that died. And we figured we'd come out and help raise funds to support the community," said Kathy Cooke.

"I think there's a lot of people coming in here and don't have money to give and they come in here to give just to support and help others," said Danny Harris.

Whatever the reason, Marvin says he's humbled and grateful.

"I know with the times the way they are. I'm broke, everybody's broke. I'm very overwhelmed by how generous everyone has been. And it's very heartfelt and I feel it very deeply," said Marvin.

The Newtown Memorial Fund has raised $400,000 with more money expected to come in before the New Year.

Learn more about the memorial or donate on their website.