Lynchburg Library to Build Children's Reading Room

Reporter: Danner Evans l Videographer: Steve Smith

Lynchburg, VA - Now the foundation for a love of reading is coming to life at the Lynchburg Library.

They're going to build a children's reading room thanks to two very generous donations.

It all started when St. John's Church raised $150,000 for the project to celebrate it's 100th anniversary. Then, Liberty University announced it will donate the land in the parking lot next to the library so they can build.

The Friends of the Library still need to raise about $50,000 but director Lynn Dodge hopes to break ground sometime in the fall or winter and have it ready for your kids by next summer.

"Children are our future. Every child, every person needs to know how to read if they are going to succeed in life," Dodge said.

Once they draw up some plans we'll be sure to show them to you.