Lynchburg Library Gets E-Readers

Lynchburg, VA - Monday marked the start of a new program for the Lynchburg Memorial Library.

You can now check out much more than books, you can now get e-readers at the Lynchburg Library, something they've been trying to get up and running for some time.

The program has been an idea for months.

Library staff is excited to see it become a reality.

"Kids are so much in the digital world right now and we really need to cater to that," said Emily Hedrick, who works in the children's section of the library.

Although they don't expect hard-copy books to ever go away, the library says this is a step that has them excited.

"We want people to learn how to use technology and so we always have as many computers available for people as possible to help them get jobs and things like that, and this is just a piece of that," said Hannah Robertson, head of adult services at the library.

"It's getting a lot of new and popular titles out to kids that may not have the opportunity to go to the bookstore and buy them," said Hedrick.

The library says E-readers are helpful to circulation, because the most popular books are often checked out, or have a long waiting list.

"We try to go with really popular titles, things that had tons of holds at the library and that everybody wants to read," said Robertson.

The E-readers can be checked out for three weeks at a time just like a normal book, but you get much more.

Instead of leaving the library with just one book, you can now leave with ten automatically loaded on a kindle.

The library says they think these E-readers will be popular because they hold so much stuff - and they're so easy to use.

"You can't take a print book and decide you want a different print book and just have it magically appear, but you can do that with this," said Robertson.

The library does not have digital copies of all their books, so you can't pick what goes on the E-readers. However, the library says they determine what they load onto them by what's most popular, and they will be changing out titles from time to time.

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