Lynchburg Leaders Scratch School Calendar Idea

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg School Board was pretty busy at Tuesday night's meeting, and there are a lot of important updates.

Turns out, the school calendar for Fall 2013 is not changing to an intersession calendar. Administration needs more time to hammer out details.

There was also talk of adding gyms to all the elementary schools, but they put that on the backburner.

One big change that is happening next school year: the Early College Scholars program kicks off. That means more learning options for students.

"We've got lots of students in our AP courses. We offer more AP courses than any other school division around - public or private. This is another opportunity for students to excel," said Al Coleman, assistant superintendent of curriculum instruction.

As it stands now, students will pay their own tuition for Early College Scholars, but the administration is looking in to other options.