Lynchburg Ready for First Big Snow Storm

Lynchburg, VA - With the call for snow Thursday, the snow plows are ready to go. Officials are crossing their fingers, hoping this will be a quick-moving storm.

As soon as any snow falls, Lynchburg Public Works will get the spreaders out on the roads. Then, if we hit the two inch mark, the plows roll out.

While the officials there are hoping for less, some locals are excited about getting our first big snowfall. On Lynchburg's Wards Road, the snow was on some minds.

"Ya know, I'm from California and we never get snow, so I'm going to be really excited if there is snow," said Brennan Bilek.

Emily Pentoney's from Delaware. She's gearing up to play in the snow, maybe even bringing a little hometown flair to it.

"In Delaware, it's flat, so we get pulled behind a truck, so I'm sure there's some fields we can do that around here," she said.

At True Value on Lakeside Drive, staff is working hard. They have all types of sleds lined up and ready to go.

"Hundreds of shovels and hundreds of sleds," said Eric Dobrovolc, staff.

Last year, stores were running out, so this year, they're staying ahead of the game.

"When the snow comes, we'll be ready to go," said Paula Jones with VDOT.

Jones has her plow crews on standby, but when the first big snow storm hits every year, two things still worry her: "The first storm hits and people have to get acclimated again. That becomes a concern. And also, the timing on this one."

There's concern the snow could come during a busy commute.

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