Lynchburg Lawyers and Public on Casey Anthony Verdict

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Brian Whitesell

Lynchburg, VA - Nearly 40,000 people are campaigning for Caylee's Law after a jury decided her mom, Casey Anthony, was not guilty of her murder. Caylee's Law would make a parent not notifying law enforcement of a missing child a felony.

A jury said Casey Anthony's not guilty of murder. But, the court of public opinion has a different verdict. The trial that captivated the country, ended with many feeling unfulfilled.

"I understand she probably couldn't have gotten the first-degree murder charge, but she should've definitely gotten neglect," said Lauren Hackworth, a Lynchburg mother of two.

Moms like Lauren Hackworth, even those without kids like Ashton Musser, have a solid opinion on the verdict

"Basically, they accused her of a lot of things. None of the pieces added up so they just let her go," said Musser.

Attorney Leigh Drewry practiced criminal defense for 17 years.

"Society, the public in general hates her. If I were her adviser at this point, I would suggest she move to a nice, secluded area in the Northwest and try to make a life for herself," said Drewry.

But the public, Drewry says, did not see every piece of evidence and should not cast stones.

"Until we as a society stop and think it about it could be us in that situation, we will continue to have circuses, situations, such as this," said Drewry.

Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette says prosecutors know they carry a heavy burden of proof - a heavy burden the Florida prosecutors could not lift.

"I think when push came to shove, I think the jury probably resolved it that the prosecution did not meet its burden, and it is a heavy burden," said Doucette.

The prosecution in this case is accused of using circumstantial evidence to try Anthony. Mike Doucette says circumstantial evidence is just as good as any other and has the power to convict.