Lynchburg Kids & Pros Camp This Week

Lynchburg - Former Atlanta Falcons All-Pro linebacker Buddy Curry is holding camp this week in the Hill City.

Curry's LYNCHBURG Kids and Pros Camp is each night, 6 to 9, through Thursday at City Stadium. More than 200 kids took part Monday night. A key coaching emphasis this year is Heads Up Tackling, or tackling WITHOUT using your head.

Buddy Curry, KIDS & PROS CAMP, said "We're teaching kids through repetitions how to position their body correctly, how to strike without using your head and using the top part of your shoulder and hopefully therefore creating muscle memory. So when they get in the game, they just do what they do. In other words, they tackle without using their head."

Curry's coaching staff this week includes former Redskin offensive lineman Joe Jacoby and former Falcons Bobby Butler and Robert Moore to name just a few.