Lynchburg Judge Certifies Charges Against Man Accused of Rape

Lynchburg, VA - There are new details in the case against the man accused of raping a woman in March inside her home on Liggates Road in Lynchburg.

In a preliminary hearing Tuesday, officers testified that Richard Martin Busher, Jr., 21, confessed to the crime.

A Lynchburg Police officer revealed that Busher admitted to breaking into a house in the 1300 block of Liggates Road, raping a woman, and running. The officer says he had told Busher they had DNA in the case, and they would get their guy sooner or later. That's when he says Busher confessed, and proceeded to tell the officer details about the incident that only the perpetrator would know.

The officer testified that Busher told him he first went into the home only to look in the refrigerator. He said when Busher saw a woman inside, he panicked because he didn't want her to call police.

The Commonwealth's Attorney also showed the judge pictures of the victim's injuries, and signs of a struggle in her home.

Officers also testified today about having to chase Busher down after finding him inside Grand Home Furnishings back in July during a break-in.

The judge certified three charges against Busher: burglary at Grand Home Furnishings, and breaking and entering and rape on Liggates Road. The grand jury will hear the case December 2.