Lynchburg Journalist Airs Interview With Treyvon Martin's Parents

Lynchburg, VA - As much of the country watches and waits for a verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, a local TV show host is about to air his interview with Trayvon Martin's parents.

At a conference in New Orleans last year Andre` Whitehead sat down with Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton to talk about the death of their son; On Sunday, with or without a verdict in the case, that interview will air.

While the nation watches as this tumultuous trial comes to a close, "We're going to air my interview with the Treyvon Martin family" said Whitehead.

Whitehead, an independent journalist, has a weekly television program. On Sunday, he'll air his interview with Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton.

"We talked about Trayvon Martin and what he was really like" he said.

"What's your favorite memory of your son, Trayvon Martin?" Whitehead asked Tracy Martin during their interview.

"Probably my fondest memory, when I had a real, real bad stomach ache man, and I would call him" replied Martin.

Whitehead got the opportunity to interview Trayvon's parents at a journalism conference in New Orleans.

"There was only a handful of us that were granted a chance to speak with them" he said.

The hour long special report will include a one on one with Trayvon's parents, also George Zimmerman's side, walking Sanford police through his account of what happened on the night Trayvon Martin died.

"We try to be fair, balanced, unfiltered" said Whitehead.

Whitehead said he's excited for Sunday's piece, but when asked where it ranks among his most important stories, "It's hard to really put this in a significant rank, because it's just so sad, all the way around" he said.

Whitehead's piece airs on his show, Conversations with Andre` Whitehead, this Sunday from 9-10 a.m. on the CW network.