Lynchburg Humane Society Wraps Up "Summer Of 1,000 Lives"

Usually, Labor Day weekend is usually a little bittersweet.

However, the Lynchburg Humane Society is celebrating the completion of it's "The Summer of One Thousand Lives" campaign on Sunday. Hundreds of pets have found new homes, thanks to the hard work of volunteers. Executive Director Makena Yarbrough shares those mixed emotions, saying "I think everyone is happy this summer is ending, but also a little sad, because it's been such a great experience for us. We've learned so much." The campaign has seen Lynchburg, and the surrounding area, support the Humane Society through adoptions, voting, and donations. The adoptions this weekend were sponsored by the family of Wyatt Viar, a young child who loved life..and dogs. Today would have been his third birthday. The Humane Society was at full capacity with people looking to adopt a new family member. Among them was Ivy Schumacher, a 7th Grader at Holy Cross, who started the day as a volunteer. Before the day was up, she ended up falling in love with her new puppy, Lavender. Ivy recalls "I saw her, and nobody was adopting her, and I kept, passing her and petting her. My mom was like "Ivy, do you want her?", and I was like 'Yes, I want her!'." Sunday is also the last day to vote for Lynchburg to win the $25,000 Community Engagement Award. Lynchburg currently sits in second place, behind Kansas City, in the online voting, with the top three becoming eligible for that $25,000 prize. Regardless of what they win, Makena Yarbrough says this summer has been truly life-changing, saying "It definitely has changed the way we view how we do adoption specials, and how much this community has embraced this whole challenge has really been heartwarming to us."