Lynchburg Humane Society Getting Big Donation

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Humane Society just got a lot closer to funding its new building. Wednesday, LHS announced they'd met the halfway mark, raising more than $2.5 million. But on top of that, an anonymous donor has offered a one million dollar challenge donation. The Humane Society also revealed exciting new details about the look and feel of the facility in the future.

This place is going to be pretty cool. As you may know, the purpose of the new building is partially because the current building is in pretty rough shape. But it's also to help get more pets adopted. The new place is designed to make sure that happens.

"The environment the animals are in now is not friendly and it doesn't really encourage people to come," said Makena Yarbrough, executive director, LHS.

Animals at the current LHS building live in a cinder block, metal building with a poor air handling system. The first thing visitors are greeted with isn't very welcoming.

"Odor is in the air," said Yarbrough.

The new facility will be more friendly for pets and people.

"This will have a concourse of a mall type of feeling," said Yarbrough.

The animals won't be behind traditional cages, but glass with skylights. The more stressed out pups will be in what they call a "real life" room.

"It'll have a couch a bed in there. It will set up more like a room in a home so that people can visualize that animal in their own home," said Yarbrough.

The cat rooms will have cubby holes and places to climb with no cages.

"So people can just go in and sit and interact with the cats pretty easily," said Yarbrough.

They'll also have a beauty salon and retail boutique to sell materials and equipment for your pets. LHS will also be able to hold birthday parties and summer camps, something they weren't able to do before.

"The children at camp will be given a dog to train all week so they can learn how to teach to come," said Yarbrough.

It will be a safer and more comfortable place for both animals and visitors. Now, they just need the money.

"It's in the community's hands now to how quickly we can get started," said Yarbrough.

"Now it's time for everybody else to step up so tell your friends tell your neighbors we need their help. Thank you very much," said George Dawson, co-chair, capital campaign committee.

The campaign committee believes they could break ground as early as this October, if the funds come in. But they still need more than a million dollars to meet their $4.8 million goal.

If you would like to make a donation to LHS make your check payable to:

The Lynchburg Humane Society and send it to:
The Lynchburg Humane Society
Development and Outreach Coordinator
3305 Naval Reserve Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501

If you have questions about gifts to the LHS, call or email:

Kim Haywood
Development and Outreach Manager

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