Lynchburg Humane Society Fears Someone May Attack Their Policies

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Human Society feels they are under attack, but they're not sure from whom.

A law firm has filed a freedom of information act request for their trap neuter and release program for cats, cat intake and disposition records, grants from PetSmart charities for free spay/neuter services for feral cats, and numerous other records.

Makena Yarbrough with the Humane Society fears someone is going to attack their policies, but they say they and the public believe their programs are working, and they're proud of their record.

"All of our programs are on our website. We keep our stats on our website, every month we update them. We're a very transparent organization-- so the way they're going about this just makes us concerned on their tactics," Yarbrough said.

The law firm that made the request wouldn't tell ABC 13 who they're representing, though Yarbrough has her suspicions.

She has written a blog detailing the issues.

To see the blog, click here.