Lynchburg Humane Society Capital Campaign Surpasses Goal with a major gift from Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Humane Society has received a $250,000 contribution from Liberty University to be used for the construction of the Society's new Humane Adoption and Education Facility.{} With the addition of this gift, the Humane Society Capital Campaign has raised more than $5.1 million - surpassing the campaign goal of $4.8 million.{} "This commitment demonstrates the strong ongoing interest by Liberty in the work of the Lynchburg Humane Society and the commitment that President Jerry Falwell has to improving our community," said George Dawson, Co Chair of the Lynchburg Humane Society Capital Campaign.{} He noted that Liberty students are the leading source of volunteers at the Humane Society's current animal shelter and that the new facility will expand opportunities for students to volunteer in the care and socialization of dogs and cats who are looking for new homes.{} President Falwell commented, "Liberty University considers it a privilege to play a small role in assisting the Lynchburg Humane Society in the construction of this important and badly needed facility.{}{} The vision for this project convinced us that it was the perfect opportunity for Liberty to help the local community while furthering its own educational mission". The Lynchburg Humane Society's, It's About the Pets capital campaign, chaired by Rosemary and George Dawson, began in 2012 and will continue through September 1, 2014.{} All commitments of $1000 or more will be recognized on the donor wall{} to be located in the Front Lobby of the new facility.{}{}{} While the initial goal has been surpassed, the effort continues to cover unanticipated project costs and additions including an effort to provide improved outside exercise areas for dogs. {}Donor Becky Hawkins has committed to match dollar for dollar the next $25,000 donated for these outside exercise facilities. The new facility, which is already under construction at the intersection of Graves Mill and Old Graves Mill Roads in Lynchburg, will further the Humane Society's commitment to saving the lives of pets in the region and will be a major advancement in its mission to promote adoption and education for animals.{} {}The new facility is expected to open in early 2015 when the Humane Society will shift its operation to the new location.{} The total projected cost of the project is $5.6 million which includes the cost of property, site work and construction of the new building. The new center will feature an open and inviting atmosphere to encourage adoption, volunteering, and education for the community.{} Features of the new building include "real life" rooms where dogs will live in a real home environment, group rooms for cats where they can roam free, climb on platforms and hide in cubby holes, and a separate housing room for puppies called "Puppyville." A complete on-site medical center{} will allow pets to get proper medical care and quality housing.{} The new state of the art facility will not only increase the number of animals that can be housed at any given time by 147%, but it will also feature new programs to encourage education for children and pet owners. "This is an important project for this community and{} for our " no kill mission, " says Makena Yarbrough, Executive Director.{} " the animals and staff at the current humane society shelter can't wait to see it completed."{} About The Lynchburg Humane Society The Lynchburg Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization that provides a safe environment for the lost, abandoned, and homeless animals of the Lynchburg community.{} They strive to promote humane and responsible treatment of animals, unite lost pets with their families, and find loving homes for the animals in their care. For more information about the Lynchburg Humane Society, and ways you can support their life-saving programs, we encourage you to contact Makena Yarbrough, at 434-846-1438, ext. #13 or visit their website at{}