Lynchburg Hit and Run Victim Recovering from Injuries

Lynchburg, VA- A little girl in Lynchburg is recovering from an accident that her family says could have been much worse.

Seven-year-old Murcy Mayo was trying to cross the street with her older sister Tuesday when she was hit in the face by a passing car's rear-view mirror. Murcy's family says the ordeal got worse when that car kept driving.

Murcy is recovering quickly from some minor injuries. But her family says they shudder at the thought of what could have happened if she was just one step closer to the road.

Michelle Dancy was at work when she got a phone call that made her heart skip a beat.

"I got a call from my neighbor's daughter saying my daughter had just been hit."

Michelle's daughters were walking to E. C. Glass High School from their home just around the corner. They were getting ready to cross the street when Murcy misheard her older sister's directions.

"I thought my sister said 'go,' but she really said 'no,'" said Murcy.

Thinking it was safe to cross, Murcy took a step into the road.

"The car hit me," she said.

Murcy's brother Jermaine was at home nearby when it happened.

"I heard a little bump. I knew it was a car bump but I thought the car had hit the curb or something. But then I heard a cry and I knew it was Murcy cryingI know her cry from anywhere," said Jermaine.

Jermaine ran to Murcy's cry and when he found her, she was on the ground.

"Her mouth was bleeding and her tooth was chipped and she just ran and jumped on me and I brought her home and cleaned her up," he said.

Murcy suffered some bruising on her face, but the main damage is to her two front teeth; one was knocked loose, the other chipped badly.

"At seven years old she doesn't know, you know, what happened. All she knows is that someone hit her and that they didn't say that they were sorry," said Michelle.

Murcy's bruises are fading but other scars will take longer to heal. But with her family by her side, those fears will ease a little more each day.

"The best thing for her to do is just to hold one of our hands," said Jermaine.

The Mayo's did not get a very good look at the car they say hit Murcy. The only description they could give police was that it looked like a tan Cadillac. Murcy's mother, Michelle, says all they're really looking for is an apology.