Lynchburg Hiring NC Waste Reduction Company

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's taking a fresh look at trash collection. City Council just got an update Tuesday afternoon.

The city is hiring Waste Zero, a North Carolina company that specializes in waste reduction.

One possible change as a result of the hiring may include the brightly colored trash bags. The bags could replace stickers many have become used to.

The colored trash bag idea may sound familiar.

Last year, council approved the new program. The city hasn't hammered out all details just yet, however.

There is the possibility that residents might use colored bags only for overflow trash.

Still, the hope is for Waste Zero to help with implementing the program.

The city says it could lower costs, boost recycling, and make collection easier for many.

One big reason to switch from trash stickers to colored trash bags is enforcement. It's easier for trash collectors to weed through city-approved trash bags when they're brightly colored rather than just having a small sticker on them.