Lynchburg Has $13.7 Million for Road Construction Projects

Lynchburg, VA - Thanks to Governor McDonnell's transportation bill, Lynchburg is getting $13.7 million for four big construction projects.

The first is the bridge on Main Street in Downtown Lynchburg. Here's the issue: Route 29 passes under the bridge and a couple trucks have actually gotten stuck. To fix it, the plan is to raise its deck and give trucks passing underneath more wiggle room.

The second project is in Midtown Lynchburg at the intersection of Old Forest Road, Lakeside and College Drives where crews will get rid of traffic lights and replace them with a roundabout.

To spruce up the area a bit, the city will install sidewalks - tying the trail system to the entrance to Lynchburg College.

The city's third construction project involves the ramp from the expressway to Timberlake Road, according to the Director of Lynchburg Public Works Dave Owen.

Right now, there are two traffic lights very close together - a mere 300 feet apart, which is the problem. This first traffic light off the expressway will go away and only the Wards Ferry light will stay.

Owen gives a bunch of reasons why this is good.

"Improve the efficiency of the intersection, the safety, and also improve the Wards Ferry Road approach to the intersection also."

Owen says the project that could take the most time is at the Greenview-Leesville intersection. It will become a four lane road with new turn lanes.

"By making these improvements it will certainly improve the efficiency of it,: said Owen.

Four projects in four different parts of our city all headed our way. For all four of these projects, the Commonwealth Transportation Board has to give its stamp of approval. That is expected in June, and the money could start flowing in to Lynchburg as early as July.