Lynchburg Group Aims to Promote Peace

Lynchburg, VA - In the news industry, unfortunately, we often cover a lot of negative news. Recently, the Boston bombings, Newtown School, and other stories have made headlines and led newscasts.

But the evil in the world prompted a Lynchburg woman to start something, to get away from all that.

Susie Joiner says she'd just had enough.

In 2009, she had had her fill of watching extreme violence unfold on the news. So she started the Peace Practice, where people can come to find their peace, and escape.

"Our slogan is nurturing habits of harmony" said Joiner.

In 2009 Joiner retired from being a full time karate instructor. She took some savings, and opened the Peace Practice.

"I do feel that it's something people realize they need" said Joiner.

The entire facility operates around helping people find peace. They offer yoga and silent mediation.

The entire environment promotes peace, "You can kind of think of it as a good news wall. It's people waging peace, but I just like to save clippings that I see that are stories of people doing good work" said Joiner, referencing a mural on a wall of the Peace Practice.

"It's like you have to take a bath every day to clean your body, the same thing with your mind" said Gauri Wooldridge.

Wooldridge has come to the peace practice once a week for the last three years.

She believes what it teaches, can truly make a difference.

"You cannot change the world, you can only change yourself, and the only way to change the world is one person at a time, and once you change, you will see everything around you change by itself" she said.

"I really feel that inner peace, you know on an individual level is what fuels world peace" said Joiner.

The peace practice even has a full library so participants can carry their peace home with them.

Joiner's hope is that all peace practice participants will spread the word, and help everyone achieve that little bit of inner peace.