Lynchburg Girl Defies Odds, Finishes the Amazing Mile

Lynchburg, VA - Among the hundreds that ran Amazement Square's Amazing Mile this year, there was one amazing finish.

It was an unlikely one, by a nine-year-old girl that who is defying a diagnosis, and so many other odds.

Nine-year-old Sophie Brooks has accomplished what some doctors told her she never would. She was born with a condition called Spina Bifida, and at birth her parents were told she may never walk.

Well now, not only is she walking, Friday night for the first time in her life, she ran across a finish line.

Flanked by her mother and her elementary school teacher, Sophie Brooks crossed this finish line, and in the process, shattered all expectations.

"There were times, very early on, and doctors and such who said she might not even walk" said Laura Brooks, Sophie's Mother.

But Sophie proved them wrong too.

Laura refuses to set limitations for her daughter born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect that can leave children immobile.

"It was one of those things, if she didn't finish it was ok, but if that's what she wanted to do, we were going to give her the opportunity and let her do it" she said.

Sophie had never run before in her life. In fact she struggles to walk. Her determination though is what made those legs move straight through the finish.

"It was amazing to see a community kind of rally around her and give her so much support" said Laura.

Towards the tail end of the Amazing Mile children's race, Sophie began to tire. But right on cue, help came, in the form of a crowd full of encouragement.

"As we came closer into the home stretch and could see all the people watching, they were all cheering for Sophie, people that knew her, didn't know her" said Laura.

And now she can brag and boast, and show off her medal, a symbol of the finish so many said would never happen.

"The kids aren't limited by the label, by the disability; they can really do anything they want to" said Laura.

Sophie was so happy when she crossed that finish line; her mom says they may make the amazing mile, an annual tradition.