Lynchburg Furniture Store Moving

Lynchburg, VA - Furniture maker Thomas Johnson is moving his business in downtown Lynchburg to Mayflower Drive.

There it will be one of many different facilities in Mayflower Landing Wood Products Manufacturing Village. Mayflower Landing will house a state of the art woodworking school called the Thomas A. Johnson School of American Woodworking, a business incubator to help graduates launch new wood businesses, a woodworking discovery center/museum and the cooperate and manufacturing headquarters of Thomas A. Johnson Furniture Company.

Johnson recently held an online crowdfunding campaign hosted by USA Projects for the school.

His goal was to raise $1 million.

On Tuesday he thanked all donors and announced that the online crowdfunding campaign hosted by USA Projects raised only $600.

But he say's he's not discouraged.

"June 10th marked the end of the crowdfunding campaign with USA Projects and June 11th marked the start of the movement." He has already began preparing for the next phase of fundraising for the school and is set to launch updates to the Mayflower Landing website this month along with the reveal of a national contest to foster an appreciation for American made furniture and bring awareness to the American public about the current state of the American woodworking industry.

In order to make the move from downtown Lynchburg to Mayflower Drive as seamless as possible, this Friday and Saturday he's liquidating all that's left at the downtown location.

"We have beds and tables and decks," Johnson said.

The liquidation sale will be held this Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mayflower Landing Wood Products manufacturing Village will be a model he hopes to implement throughout the US. "Not only will you see a school but you will see new businesses being developed by graduates of the school and when businesses are developed, then we can make jobs available," Johnson said.

Johnson's woodworking school will train students like Kevin Legendre, 22, who wants to be a carpenter one day, to not only be master woodworkers but highly skilled business men and women as well. Legendre has been working with Thomas for a month through the Job Corps program.

"I'm happy that I'm here and I really like Mr. Thomas and he teaches me a lot," said Legendre.

"If it is a cause, you die for it so I believe in America and American ideals," Johnson said. "We're not giving up. In America you don't quit. You pick up yourself and blow the dust off and now you can see clearly."

The liquidation sale will be held this Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Johnson will continue fundraising efforts for the school, and says he is grateful for everyone who participated in the crowdfunding campaign hosted by USA Projects and for those who believe in his mission.

For more information and updates on the development the Thomas A. Johnson School of American Woodworking at Mayflower Landing visit