Lynchburg Fireworks Display in Jeopardy

Lynchburg, VA - Lynch's Landing employees thought they knew how they were celebrating Independence Day, now they say they aren't so sure.

The organization thought Friday Cheers would be the perfect venue for a new downtown Independence Day party. They coordinated with Amherst County, had all the approvals they needed, and a corporate sponsor.

Plans have now changed, however.

"We really wanted to add fireworks as the ultimate sort of celebration," said Stephanie Keener with Lynch's Landing.

The idea for a downtown fireworks display all seemed pretty intuitive for many.

"That's really the spirit of Independence Day," Keener said.

The city built a venue years ago and people were already showing up each Friday.

A sponsor agreed to buy the fireworks and a nearby location across the river had the perfect place to launch them. With Amherst County and Lynch's Landing working together, everything was in place.

"The idea, for several days, that we thought we were having fireworks generated a lot of interest and excitement," said Sara Lu Christian with Amherst County Parks and Recreation

"Unfortunately, our major sponsor fell through at the last moment," Keener said.

The notice came too late for any real fundraiser. Without the money, there will be no fireworks.

"I think it'll be a fun evening, with or without the fireworks," Keener said.

Still, some say they feel fireworks would add much more to the party.

"It seems such an affordable display that I would like to think we can find some sponsors," Christian said.

"Anybody who comes forward, and business or individual that wanted to come forward and help us out, would know that we would really make sure everybody knows that they were our sponsors," Keener said.

Lynch's Landing is still hoping to go forward with fireworks, but they need help.

To get fireworks, it will take about $7000 by the end of the day Friday.

If you or your company can contribute, call Lynch's Landing at 434-485-7250.