Lynchburg Firefighters Say Rescue Was a Miracle

Lynchburg, VA - A once in a career rescue; two Lynchburg firefighters say the Valentine's Day call they responded to turned into a Valentine's miracle.

They pulled a woman from her burning home, just in time.

They are thankful the woman is still alive. The captain who responded to the call said had the crew arrived any later, the outcome could have been very different.

"You get these structure fires on a routine basis and a lot of times these structure fires turn into fatalities" said Captain Kenny Turner.

"It could've been worse, it can always be worse. Luckily, this day it wasn't" said fire fighter, Adam Morton.

Valentine's Day, a home on Ardmore Drive was consumed with fire and thick, dark smoke.

Turner was the first on the scene.

"The victim's husband met us in the driveway and said that his wife was still inside, that the house was on fire, and that he had made numerous attempts to get her but just could not get through the front door because of the smoke" he said.

Turner and Morton rushed inside. Smoke consumed the home.

Morton, on hands and knees, unable to see, felt his way into a bedroom.

"Eventually you work your way around the room. I ran into the bed, found the bed, searched over the bed, and got a grab of her. I picked her up, started out the bedroom and met him in the hallway, and he asked if I needed help, and I gladly took the help" he said.

Together they took the woman, outside. Unconscious, she was rushed to the hospital.

All too often, structure fires end in fatalities.

"It's just real fulfilling to be a part of that. This particular day, you got to see just what you worked for" said Morton.

"It's the holy grail of what a fireman wants to do; they want to save a life from a burning building" said Turner.

Fire fighters say the fire was started by an unattended candle.

And talk about good timing, this all ended the way it did, because these guys were headed to training, and were driving just minutes away from the house when the call came in.