Lynchburg Firefighters Excited About New Rescue Truck

Lynchburg, VA- The Lynchburg Fire Department has a new addition to its fleet of trucks. It's big, flashy and full of tricks. Their new rescue truck, Rescue One, has only been in service for a week.

The $500,000 truck was custom-made for Lynchburg crews and comes with everything firefighters could need while working a scene.

And to say crews are excited about their new toolbox on wheels, might be an understatement.

"We do like having new equipment, it is very exciting for us," said Scott Stanley, a Lynchburg firefighter.

Lynchburg's Station 3 has a new tool that's sure to turn headsat least those of emergency crews.This truck, a year in the making, was designed by a team of Lynchburg firefighters, for Lynchburg firefighters.

"We put in time to get the truck ready to go into service, the guys here at the station, moving the equipment. So, it's very exciting for us to be able to put it in service and be able to use it," said Stanley.

It's exciting because at 11 years old and with 100,000 miles, their old truck has reached retirement age.

"It was at its lifespan of kind of what's expected. And it starts costing the city more money as the maintenance costs increase when it starts wearing and tearing," said Nick Thomas, another Lynchburg firefighter.

Rescue one is the only rescue truck in the Hill City, and usually, it stays pretty busy.

"We go to all working fires, we go to all vehicle entrapments, we go to all hazmat calls, technical rescue calls" said Thomas.

A lot of calls for one crew, but lately, emergencies have been hard to come by.

"We've got a new truck that we're ready to use and we haven't been able to use it," said Stanley.

Leaving the crew more time to learn their new truck's layout, which is a bit more complex than their old one. But, the extra space is very welcome.

"The way that each compartment was laid out we had to move items to get to other items. This one, we can open a door and pull out what we need pretty quickly," said Thomas.

Station Three will be shutting down Monday to undergo some renovations, so rescue one and its crew will be heading to another station for several months.

And firefighters are reassuring residents that if you live in that area and have an emergency, Rescue One will still come to your rescue.