Lynchburg Family Finds Lost Dog After Seeing it on TV

Lynchburg, VA - Some say miracles happen every day in the most random places. One Lynchburg family says theirs came while watching ABC 13 News Midday newscast.

The dog was featured on ABC 13's Pet of the Week segment. Mr. Bentley, as they call him, ran away a few months ago. Low and behold, they found him on the news. This family believes someone looking down on them helped bring Mr. Bentley home.

If dogs could talk, Mr. Bentley would tell you he's had a bit of a tough year. In July, his owner died.

"We've been really down because of losing her because this is our first Christmas without her," said Bonnie Clegg.

Mr. Bentley's owner Virginia Lane died in a car accident on Leesville Road.

"She loved that dog, she spoiled that dog," said Clegg.

Her son Sherman Hackett took over caring for the dog. But then in October, Bentley jumped out of the car and got lost.

"I thought we'd never see him again," said Hackett.

That is until Wednesday when Sherman, who rarely takes off work, took a sick day and turned on ABC 13 News Midday.

"He said, 'Hey, look!' I said, 'What's wrong with him?' I was half asleep. And he says, 'Look, there's Bentley!'"

His sister Bonnie Clegg saw it too. She was at work when she says something told her to turn the TV on.

"It was like a sign from my mom," said Clegg.

"I believe things happen for a reason," said Hackett.

They picked up Mr. Bentley that day. They both give their mom the credit for telling them to tune in.

"It was just like she was right there all over again telling us, 'Hey, I'm still here. Get that dog home!' That's the way she would be, you know, get my dog!" said Clegg.

Both Clegg and Hackett say it's so strange they were both watching the Midday news at the same time because usually they can't. That's what they believe is the miracle that brought Mr. Bentley home.