Lynchburg Eyes Improvement Plan for Campbell Avenue

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Council heard plans Tuesday night to completely revamp the look of Campbell Avenue. It's part of the city's comprehensive plan.

The plans, among other things include reducing the four lane major roadway to just two, adding bike lanes and a median.

None of this will happen though until VDOT builds the new Rt. 460 interchange at Odd Fellows road. The expectation being that once that happens, traffic volume on Campbell will be reduced.

But not everyone we spoke with agreed.

"I don't think the residents would be too happy about all the bike lanes and construction going on" said Shaquita Ford who lives on Campbell Avenue.

When Ford heard of the city's interest in reducing the road from four lanes to two, she wasn't too thrilled.

"No, you don't see many people riding their bikes. I would just leave it as it is" she said.

But a bike lane is just one piece to this massive plan. The work starts at the intersection of Florida and Campbell Avenues, where a roundabout is proposed to be installed. Also at the intersection of Seabury and Campbell, a turn lane is being proposed to make traffic into and out of Bass Elementary School easier.

"We have a lot of problems with school buses coming in and out right here, in the mornings especially" said David Harder.

Harder lives just down the road from Bass. He's happy to see the city looking to upgrade this stretch of Campbell.

"With some of the sidewalk upgrades I think it would help improve the neighborhood quite a bit" he said.

"If council chooses to adopt this plan, it would become a part of the city's overall comprehensive plan" said Tom Martin, Lynchburg's City Planner.

Martin says these improvements would provide for improved living along the road. Campbell Avenue with bike lanes and a median, he says would be more accessible and safer for bikers and pedestrians. Traveling by car would be made safer as well.

"Reducing the amount of rear end collisions by having designated left turn lanes with the median, but also improving transportation choices" said Martin.

Very early estimates put a price tag for the Campbell Avenue portion of the project at roughly $14 million. City council Tuesday voted to table any further action or discussion on the proposal till their next work session, later this month.