Lynchburg Experts React to Reports of Problems With Hair Extensions

Lynchburg, VA - Some use extensions to make their hair thicker and give it more volume. ABC News reports that hair extensions are causing major health problems, though, like severe migraines and hair loss.

Tyeast Blanding owns Nubian Citi in Lynchburg.

"This right here is a track," she said.

Some women say they will do just about anything for beauty, even if it hurts.

"It's the price of being a woman. Men don't even really care I don't think," Blanding said.

Blanding's heard of tight braids causing headaches.

"If your corn row is already too tight and then they sew this on top, then it could not only give you headaches but it can cause your hair to be permanently damaged," Blanding said.

Ken Harbour owns Blue Crane Acupuncture.

"It's been treating headaches for 3,000 years," Harbour said.

Harbour believes braids can contribute to head pain, but says the cause is typically deeper than the hair follicle.

"Primarily there is something going on in the person themselves," Harbour said.

Harbour says conditions like pre or post menopause and a person's diet can all contribute to severe headaches.

Blanding says extensions should never hurt. She says the solution is if it feels too tight, tell the stylist.

"If they're pulling too tight they're using their wrists and not their fingers you're supposed to use your fingers not your wrist," said Blanding. I've seen some people who have worn braids too tight and it has pulled their hair out in the front and once it's gone, it's gone."