Lynchburg Does Small Business Saturday

Server takes order at Market at Main in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Black Thursday and Friday pull big crowds into the big box stores. But what about the little guy, the small business owner?

Small Business Saturday was their day, as the shop local movement is gaining loyal supporters.

It's not New Years, but Lisa Light and her family have a specific holiday resolution: to do all of their shopping locally.

"I would totally like to do that," said Light...It is not [easy], but I think that would make our Christmas a little more special," she continued.

Market at Main was just one of the organizations that took advantage of the event.

American Express is a company behind the program. Owner Rodney Taylor says shopping local keeps money here at home.

"And that helps build up the community and helps support not just our business, but the other businesses in the community that we buy from," said Taylor.

The event is a job creator, too. According to the Small Business Administration, half of the private sector works in a small business.

Family-run for 43 years, Arthur's Flower Cart on Timberlake Road has to compete against the big-box stores, something that's not always easy.

"It's hard to compete, especially this weekend because that's where everybody is, they're shopping at the big box stores," said the owner of the flower shop.

Like any competitor, though, small business succeeds sticking with what it knows.

"We know the community. We know so many of our patrons," said Dean.

"you don't get the same feeling," said Light.

To support Main Street, customers who shop at a local business and put $25 or more on their American Express card get $25 back from American Express - all to support the local business owner.