Lynchburg Dodges Sandy, No Power Outages

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg came out of the other side of Hurricane Sandy unharmed.

Many were prepared thinking it would be the June windstorm all over again. That one knocked out power to thousands. But with Sandy, all lights in Lynchburg stayed on, which made for a very relieved and happy Hill City. In the end, Sandy was a different beast - a mild one, at least for Lynchburg.

"Too much hoopla over last night's storm?" we asked Teresa White as she did paperwork at The Muse Coffee Company at Wyndhurst.

"Well, it appears to be for sure," said White, glancing out the window.

"I think it's funny. It's kind of like when they say it's going to be the end of the world, and everybody prepares and hides in their basement and then nothing happens," said Katrina Pick, a server at Muse Coffee Company.

For Pick, this is a typical day serving coffee at the Muse Coffee Company. But for one of Pick's customers, Sandy is on her mind and the destructive images fill her computer screen.

"I have a lot of family up there," said Katelyn Hodges.

Hodges has family in New York, New Jersey and the D.C. area. In fact, Sandy took her parents' power.

"My parents in Northern Virginia were saying they were going to sleep in the basement. They were worried about a tree falling on a house," said Hodges.

In Lynchburg, there are no downed trees and no downed lines, according to Fire Chief Steven Ferguson.

"Do you have any storm-related anything overnight?" we asked.

"Not that I'm aware of," said Chief Ferguson.

Maybe a lesson for the next storm: It's always safest to be prepared.

"I think that's the way it is in all of life: you prepare the best you can with what you have and then you just have to go forward," said White.

Other parts of Virginia weren't as lucky as Lynchburg. Sandy devastated them. President Barack Obama has declared an emergency for Virginia as a result of Sandy. FEMA officials started looking at damage along the coast Tuesday morning.

You can help storm victims by donating to the Virginia Relief Foundation.