Lynchburg DJ Discusses Prank Call Policy

Lynchburg, VA - In light of the Australian DJ prank, some are suggesting prank calls be banned for good. On Monday we asked some DJ's in our area to weigh in on their prank policies.
Mike McKendree with 93.7 KHF says that type of prank is illegal in the US. According to the FCC, it is unlawful to broadcast someone's voice without their consent. Some stations choose not to do them at all.
Along with being a DJ, McKendree is managing member of the Lynchburg radio group.Before he came to the Hill City, he did his fair share of pranks.
"I did a pretty good Ronald Reagan impersonation. So we had Reagan calling various people and places and hilarity would ensue," said McKendree.
But he says over his 27 years in radio -- no prank went on air without approval.
"We have to let them know that they're on the air. That's first and foremost. We can't just air somebody without giving them a heads up or getting their permission," said McKendree. As it states in FCC code 73.1206, 'A licensee shall inform any party to the call of the licensee's intention to broadcast the conversation'.
McKendree says to prank or not to prank is based on community standards, and here at 93.7...
"We don't do phone shams and we don't do pranks," said McKendree.
They like to keep the KHF morning show light-hearted.
"We know we're talking to adults but we also know that we have kids in the car so we tend to not try to push the envelope too far."
McKendree says he's not always a fan of all the rules and regulations but understands their purpose, to keep pranks from going horribly wrong.
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