Lynchburg D-Day Vet Bill Sisk Presented Medal in France

Caen, France - Lynchburg D-Day veteran Bill Sisk was among the 109 Battle of Normandy veterans who were presented special anniversary medals last Wednesday during a ceremony at an abbey in Caen, France.

"After 70 years I accept it for the 90th Division, all the boys that landed," said Sisk.

"While you were celebrating your 20th birthday, and for some of you, you were even younger, you participated in an exceptional military adventure," said Laurent Beauvais, President of the Regional Council of Basse-Normandy. "You had to fight on the beaches of Normandy and then throughout Normandy and for several of you, even beyond, to fight against the Nazi barbarity."

"Seeing all of the old, old gentlemen there getting their medals and being recognized for what they did from all the countries, I thought that was very important," said Martha Merle Hackworth, Sisk's daughter. "He deserves this. He's my hero."

"This land of Normandy and all of France all know what they owe you," said Beauvais. "Normandy has not forgotten its liberators. The Normands have not forgotten you, friends, veterans."

The medals are an original design, depicting the landing at Normandy and the liberation of concentration camps.

After landing on Utah Beach on June 6, 1944, Sisk continued on with the 90th Division and helped liberate the concentration camp in Flossenburg.