Lynchburg Crews Take on 12 Hour Shifts To Clear Snowy Streets

Lynchburg, VA - The heavy, wet, soggy snow that fell for most of the day Thursday, made for a difficult clean up into the night.

Lynchburg public works crews began they're plowing and salting of streets right when the first flake fell.

And with more than 800 roads in the city of Lynchburg, cleanup of the first storm of the season, lasted well into Friday.

"Please be patient, again we have a total of 850 streets" a word of caution from Lynchburg's public works director, Dave Owen.

"First we have to get the primaries and the secondaries, the main roads open, before we can go street by street" said Owen.

When snow storms hit, for Public Works the city becomes a giant puzzle; pieced together by four Wards.

Divided further by primary streets; the main arteries, like 460 and 501; secondary streets; the connectors that link residential areas to the main arteries; and finally, residential streets.

"During major emergencies such as ice removal and snow, everyone is required to work, and we'd typically go into twelve hour shifts" said Owen.

All of Public Work's 170 employees are working overtime, plowing Lynchburg's streets and spreading salt.

In the nerve center of it all, workers relay road information over radio, to drivers.

Drivers then stock up with salt, and hit the road.

Out on the streets is where drivers like Steve Thompson will be from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m.

"You work the same roads all the time" said Thompson.

He's assigned a primary route. For 12 hours his job is to keep the Lynchburg expressway clear.

"The biggest frustration is you've got people out here driving like they shouldn't be driving and having accidents, and it makes it hard on us" he said.

That was a complaint from many plow truck drivers.

Public Works asked everyone if you see a plow out on the road don't pass it.

And while they're doing all they can to keep roads clear, they still can be slick, so as always, if you're driving, take it easy.