Lynchburg Crews Still Working To Clear Residential Streets

Lynchburg, VA - Many residential streets in Lynchburg remained covered in snow Friday.

If you thought you were alone in that plows have yet to clear your street, think again.

The sun played a bigger part in the cleanup Friday, than crews did.

Lynchburg Director of Public Works, Gaynelle Hart said the work is well under way though. More than 80 drivers worked 12 hour shifts since the start of the storm.

Residential roads were hit for the first time Thursday night, but with Public Works responsible for more than 800 lane miles, there's still quite a bit of work left to be done.

"We ask you to be patient. As I told you, we've got our plan, every truck has a route, and it is our intent to hit all of our residentials at least one time, and so please be patient. We're aware we've got snow in residentials and we're working hard to get it cleared" said Hart.

The snow was packed down on so many streets making the job even hard for public works crews. Plows Friday had to make two sometimes three trips to even clear a single street.

Sunday was when officials expected most if not every street in the city to be passable; not clear, but manageable.