Lynchburg Couple Raising Funds For International Adoption

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg couple is trying their best to adopt a child from India, but the adoption process has proved to be a long and expensive one. They have made a goal to raise $20,000 to make their dream come true, and they are nearly at the halfway mark.

Tobey and Todd Thurston first met 10-year-old Mahesh three years ago. Ever since, they have known he is meant to be a part of their family.

A ring with his name engraved and a necklace of his country serve as reminders of their son a world away.

"Sometimes I panic, what if he's sick, what if he's scared, I just want to go hug him," said Thurston.

It has been eight years of marriage and a few years of trying to have children of their o

"We always wanted to adopt a baby when we started talking about it. We wanted the whole experience of being parents and teaching the child things," said Thurston

When on a mission's trip to India they realized Mahesh was the child they wanted to bring into their home. They knew he had so many things to learn, and they wanted to be the ones to teach him.

"He's never used utensils, they eat with their hands, he's never used a shower because he stands under a spicket and rinses himself off, he's never used a toilet, he's never been to a movie," said Thurston.

Mahesh's father died when Mahesh was three, and his mother sent him to live at a mission school, where the Thurstons met him.

"He was such a humble little boy, He wasn't the kind that was jumping in front of the camera and all about the attention," said Thurston.

The Thurstons need $20,000 to pay for the adoption process, and have raised nearly $8,000. They say every dollar is a step closer to boarding that plane to get Mahesh.

"He tells them that he's dreaming about America so he knows that it's going to take a while, but he's practicing his English and just waiting for us to come visit and then bring him home," said Thurston.

If you want to help Tobey and Todd bring Mahesh home, you can head to their next fundraiser. It's a Girls Night Out event on Thursday at the James River Conference Center.

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