Lynchburg Couple Discusses Meaning Behind Wedding Photo That Went Viral

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg newlyweds are recovering from a lot of recent media attention. A picture taken on their wedding day has been all over the news and social media. It was taken as the couple took a moment to pray before exchanging their vows last August.

The couple says all the attention has been overwhelming. They say they have a relationship built on serving the Lord and serving others. They want to make sure the meaning behind this picture doesn't get lost in translation.

Photographer Kim Burke got the shot.

"We've probably shot over 100 weddings but this moment right here is something I've never witnessed," said Burke.

It's a moment so special it caught the attention of national TV networks and gained thousands of fans online.

"They're not seeing me, they're not seeing him. They're seeing what we're doing and that's Jesus Christ and that's what is so cool to us," said Breanne Curtas, the bride.

Hand in hand they prayed asking God to bless their marriage and that their vows would last forever.

"In a society that doesn't take marriage all too seriously. This is a huge huge huge deal and we need the Lord to make this work," said Breanne.

"That picture I think really captures who we are as a couple and that we really want to dedicate our marriage to the Lord," said Josh Curtas.

Bre and Josh Curtas live a life of service. They work with inner city kids at Urban Mountain Adventures.

"The Lord has blessed us so much with where we come from and the parents that we had and we know that not everyone has that blessing," said Breanne.

In the midst of all the media hype, they want to make sure that the popularity of the photo doesn't overshadow the meaning behind it.

"Prayer is powerful, prayer is everything and that's our lifeline and connection to the Lord. We don't do anything without praying first," said Breanne.

They didn't see each other before the wedding. They just held hands.

Breanne also made a blog about the picture.