Lynchburg Councilwoman Returns From DC After Invite From First Lady

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Councilwoman and Former Mayor, Joan Foster is back from perhaps the biggest event of her civic career; an invitation only reception in Washington, hosted by Michelle Obama.

She was invited for her work, spear heading Lynchburg's Live Healthy initiative.

Foster launched Lynchburg's Live Healthy Campaign a little more than a year and a half ago. To say it's been a success, well just ask the First Lady. She thought it was so wonderful; she invited Foster, for dinner.

What a moment it was, when the First Lady took to the stage, "She had the ability to connect with everyone in the room. Afterwards everyone said I felt like she was talking to me" said Foster.

Obama was hosting Let's Move Cities Towns and Counties, a reception honoring a handful of communities across the nation that have gone the extra mile in making healthy living a local lifestyle.

"To me it was very affirming that we're on the right track here and that we're probably excelling at what we're doing and that was a good feeling" said Foster.

Foster, along with the Health Department's Leslie Hoglund and local Pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Gagan, were all invited for their work in spearheading the Live Healthy Lynchburg Campaign.

The campaign's success has been overwhelming. For one, the city met a goal of losing 12 tons in 12 months; in just six. And food trucks have become the solution to the city's food deserts.

At the reception, Foster and little Lynchburg were among some pretty prestigious company, "Tennessee and Kentucky" said Foster.

Entire states were represented at the same event.

"Yes! And that was extremely exciting" said Foster.

A true testament that hard work can pay off; the campaign is still running strong in the Hill City. A group met Thursday night to participate in the 100 mile challenge, just another aspect of Live Healthy Lynchburg.

"I think it says that Lynchburg cares about its citizens enough that they want to give people that extra little push that they sometimes don't have themselves to do" said Lisa Jamerson, a challenge participant.

"Amazed and extremely pleased that it is a journey that we're on together" said Foster.

Foster said that was the First Lady's message; the journey in fighting obesity and promoting healthy living will be a long one. But work like the Live Healthy Lynchburg initiative, is a great step in the right direction.