Lynchburg Council Re-Zones Part of Old Forest Rd. for Bojangles

Lynchburg, VA - A Bojangles will be built on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg.

This comes after a parcel on the road was approved by city council for rezoning from residential to commercial.

It began Tuesday night with a heated public hearing, where members of a subdivision in the land behind the future restaurant, spoke out in opposition of its construction.

Council members pointed out though, this was the last, small residential parcel, in a much larger commercial corridor. Ever since a Wal-Mart went in on Old Forest, the rest of the road has turned completely commercial, except for the small parcel in between Ardmore and Dandridge Drives.

That was the take away; council members said bottom line, the market will determine the future land use of this location. And with 19,000 cars going up and down Old Forest every day, a business at this location they said just makes the most sense.

The realtor who was trying to sell the plot to the Bojangles developer said the land was almost unusable for a residential space; the parcels too small, and too close to a busy commercial thoroughfare.

More than 20 residents from the Blue Ridge Farms subdivision which sits behind the future Bojangles came out to voice their concerns about noise and light pollution, and a potential spike in traffic; the entrance and exit for the restaurant would be on Ardmore and Dandridge, not Old Forest.

In the end though, it wasn't enough; council voted five to two in favor of the re-zoning.

"This property is not going to continue to be residential. Everybody in Blue Ridge Farms needs to understand that, it's not a viable thing" said Councilman, H. Cary.

Mayor Mike Gillette and Councilwoman Joan Foster were the two dissenting votes.

No word yet on just when the restaurant will be built.