Lynchburg Could Finish CSO Faster and Cheaper

Lynchburg, VA - Combined Sewer Overflow, or CSO, work in the Hill City could wrap up sooner than expected and with a smaller price tag. But it's going to take the General Assembly to make that happen.

Lynchburg asked the General Assembly for $30 million for CSO with a promise attached: If Lynchburg gets the money, the Hill City won't ask for another dime of CSO money from the State ever again.

Lynchburg CSO officials say if they get that $30 million from the state, Lynchburg will chip in another $30 million and finish the whole project for $60 million - that's far less than the $300 million estimate.

"We've asked the state for $30 million, and with that - along with local funding - we can finish the program within the next decade," said Tim Mitchell, director of utilities in Lynchburg.

CSO crews evaluate the project every 10 years. This new idea is coming out of that evaluation.