Lynchburg Cops Cut Hair for Cancer Cure

Leecy Fink

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Police department is fighting cancer one head at a time. More than two dozen officers used their lunch break Thursday in a show of solidarity for three members who are battling the disease.

"It's been like a bad dream," Jordan Spaeth said of his testicular cancer diagnosis two months ago.

He's relied on faith, family and looking forward to life's little distractions.

Around lunchtime he thought he was on an errand with another police officer. When he saw all the cop cars parked on Main Street, he knew something wasn't right.

About 25 Lynchburg police officers crammed inside the Modern Barber Shop to shave their heads for Leecy Fink, Stuart Mack and Jordan Spaeth. All three are part of the department's family; all three are fighting cancer. The barber offered his services for free.

Lt. Dave Ragland is one officer sporting the shorter hairdo.

"They're the heroes here, they're the ones doing the battle. And we're standing side by side with them. And, we're gonna be there from start to finish," Ragland said of his friends.

Leecy Fink's husband has been a Lynchburg police officer for the last 14 years. Since she was diagnosed with breast cancer in January, the entire department has rallied around the family, raising money and holding fundraisers.

"These are the people my husband worked beside for the last 14 years. And their wives are my friends," Fink said inside the wedding store she runs downtown.

Fink hadn't lost any of her hair since starting chemotherapy, but as she waited for her turn with the barber....

"I started running my hands through my hair and it was falling out in my hands as I was waiting. I was like, 'Okay god, today's supposed to be the day.'"