Lynchburg Conducts An Emergency Drill To Practice Emergency Scenarios

Lynchburg, VA- They say it's an exercise to be sure they are prepared for the worst case scenario. Various departments across the city of Lynchburg spent two days acting as if a mass school shooting happened at Sandusky Middle School. Police and first responders conducted a drill at Sandusky Middle School on Wednesday.

They practiced an entire plan as if there was a school shooter inside.

Thursday they set up post with various other city departments to practice their response to the community if a tragic event like this ever happened.

The process ranges anywhere from monitoring social media, to putting people in touch with counselors, to directing people calling in with questions.

During the drill Lynchburg Police worked with other jurisdictions to unite efforts. They say it was beneficial to see how that worked.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management set up this entire exercise. They say they will get a full report back in 30 days that processes how efficiently they worked. They say from there, they can modify any changes needed in the emergency plan.