Lynchburg Company Making a Splash with Cold-Brewed Coffee

Lynchburg, VA- There's a new way to get your coffee in Lynchburg that's got people growling for joy. Golf Park Coffee Company is selling their cold-brewed coffee by the growler.

The business got off the ground earlier this year and co-founders Ben Young and Adam Shurr say it's right on track. Both have full-time jobs and brew their cold coffee on the side to sell to other coffee lovers.

"We were making it ourselves already, we were serving it to our friends. They were asking us to make it for them. We just saw that there was an opportunity for us to start a business and meet the needs of our friends and also of people in the community," said Young.

"It's a long process and what comes from that is a very rich, smooth, not very acidic beverage. So we're really proud of what we brew here," said Shurr.

At this time you can only get Golf Park's cold-brewed coffee by the growler. You have to order ahead online, then pick it up on Saturday at their location on Golf Park Drive.

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