Lynchburg Companies Working Around the Clock to Fulfill Food Orders

Lynchburg, VA - Are you ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Do you have everything picked up from the store? If not, you may have a little more time to snag some pre-cooked items for the big dinner.

Several companies in Lynchburg were busy Wednesday cooking up a storm to make sure everyone has a happy and filling Thanksgiving.

"I am glazing and wrapping and weighing hams, turkey, doing everything," said Josh Martin from Honey Baked Ham Co.

He says he and other employees are glazing about 100 turkeys and hams every couple of hours.

"We've been ridiculously busy. Pretty much shoulder to shoulder outside," said Martin.

He says there were about 15 people waiting at the door when the store opened Wednesday morning.

"Very tired. Thank goodness today is the last day," laughed Martin.

"Dozens and dozens of pies, rolls," said Meredith Clapp from Montana Plains Bakery.

It is a similar scene at Montana Plains Bakery. They made nearly 1,000 butter rolls and pies stacked as high as ceiling.

"Over 1,000," said Clapp.

Clapp says pecan pie is their number one seller this season.

Pizza shops are tossing dough as fast as they can.

"All morning we've been preparing dough, cheese, vegetables in anticipation for tonight. We expect that we're going to be very busy tonight. I've heard it's the busiest night for pizzas," said Nate Santos, JoJo's Pizza.

According to PR Newswire, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for the pizza industry.

"We went through 120 yesterday, which is a little above average, we usually do about 80," said Santos. "We have 200 doughs prepared so we're ready for however many people want pizza."

The Honey Baked Ham Company closes at 6 p.m., Montana Plains Bakery closes at 6:30 p.m. and Jojo's Pizza closes at 10 p.m.

Just make sure you call ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for.