Lynchburg Community Remembers Maya Angelou

Lynchburg, VA - The death of award-winning poet Maya Angelou has affected many folks in the Lynchburg area. Angelou drew a large crowd when she spoke at Randolph College last year. ABC 13 reached out to prominent members of the community who say although they are saddened by her loss, they know her legacy will live forever. Some waited hours to see the celebrated poet and author Maya Angelou speak at Randolph College in January of 2013. Angelou shared a message of love and perseverance to the large crowd. "It is important that you know that somebody was there before you. Someone was lonely before you, called out of her name before you, in fact abused before you," Angelou told the crowd last year. Angelou wrote several autobiographies, including her most famous "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings". Her work often centered on racism and civil rights. "That's what we should take from her. A woman that set a path for you to live your life to the fullest," said Lynchburg Community Action Group President James Mundy. Mundy says he's always been inspired by Angelou's work as a community activist. "If we can just achieve a portion of what she did in her lifetime, we will have done a lot," Mundy said. Ramona Battle says she and the other board members at the Legacy Museum were at a loss for words when they heard news of Angelou's death. "We were very upset earlier," Battle said. "We're fortunate that her work will live on for many more generations to come." Shortly before her death, Maya Angelou pulled out of the Major League Baseball Beacon Award Luncheon. Angelou was set to receive the "Beacon of Life" Award.