Lynchburg Community Market Turns 230 This Weekend

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Community Market will celebrate its 230th anniversary this weekend.

The market is the third oldest running market in the United States.

Cornell Goldman and his family sell fresh produce at the market and have done so for generations.

"Our farm has been in the family for about 100 years altogether," said Goldman. "There's nothing better to eat than fresh vegetables, leafy green vegetables. We've been here a long time. My mom and dad, Russell and Nanny Goldman, they sold here for maybe 30, 40 years at the downtown."

Goldman says he's not surprised the market has been around so long.

According to historical documents, the market is actually three years older than the city of Lynchburg.

"It's thought that the city incorporated around the market once it was created in 1783," said Jennifer Kennedy, the market manager.

It was once a place where people would congregate for political meetings and a place for townspeople to shop.

The location has had some moves. In the 1700s, it was on 9th street down by the river. In the 1800s, it moved to 11th street. And finally in the mid-1900s, it moved to its current location.

Saturday, the market will celebrate 230 years in existence by allowing locals to pay homage to the history.

"It's kind of to show you a snapshot of what the market might have been like back in 1783," said Kennedy.

Vendors say they're confident the market will be around for years and years to come.

"It will go for another 300 years. I won't be around, but it will be here," said Goldman.