Lynchburg College Remembers 19 Year Old Student Killed In Car Wreck

Lynchburg, VA - A campus came together in mourning Thursday night, to Remembering 19 year old Kristine Kitts.

The Lynchburg College sophomore was driving to work on January 5th when police say she hit a patch of ice, and crashed. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kitts was a nursing student at Lynchburg College, and a graduate of E.C. Glass High School.

Lynchburg College was back in session Monday. Her friends and sorority sisters organized a vigil in the campus chapel to honor her memory.

Pews were packed with friends of Kitts; a girl, celebrated by so many. The night began with powerful and emotional words from the President of the college, cautioning and encouraging students to drive safely.

But the night's most emotional moment came when Kitts' sorority sisters took to the podium to honor her memory.

"You've given me a reason to live life to its fullest. You always said live life in the moment; you were never judgmental or self-seeking. You focused on the positives rather than the negatives" said Crissy Francis, Kitts' sorority sister.

"Closest friends, you'd never think anything could happen to them and then it happens to them and it's devastating, it's very devastating. Especially to her friends and family that were extremely close to her" said Courtney Gillette, a friend of Kitts.

Kitts was an academic standout. She achieved high honors at Lynchburg College and was involved in many aspects of student life.

It was early morning on Sunday January 5th when Kitts drove off Boonsboro Road. Police say she hit a patch of ice; she was also not wearing a seat belt.