Lynchburg College Holds Human Trafficking Awareness Event

Lynchburg, VA - A group at Lynchburg College gathered Thursday night to hold a vigil for victims of human trafficking.

The college dedicated this week to Human Trafficking awareness.

All week long speakers, and informational videos and readings have been shared with students, faculty and members of the public.

Thursday a group watched a short video about one girl sold into child sex slavery in Cambodia.

Among the group, was Corban Addison, the author of "A walk Across the Sun" a story of human trafficking.

Addison, says he's impressed with the passion he sees among the students at LC.

"Students and professors and faculty and community members are already mobilized, caring about this subject, wanting to learn more, and wanting to find ways to engage. It's especially exciting at a college like this" he said.

Saturday the college will hold a "freedom to play day" to encourage advocacy and awareness of human trafficking.