Lynchburg College Finding New Ways to Recycle During Construction

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg College is taking recycling to the next level.

While the construction crews renovate the Student Center, they are taking everything they can and reusing it on campus.

Concrete and bricks are removed, ground up, and then brought back to use as pipe trenches and back fill.

Old trees and shrubs have been turned to mulch.

The school is using old light poles to add lighting on other parts of campus.

School officials say they make every effort to go green.

"Lynchburg College one of our institutional values is sustainability. We believe that equates to what you do every day. Not just on your regular ordinary kind of recycling, but also on big projects like this," said Vice President and Dean for Student Development John Recycles.

The renovation is set to be complete by August of 2014.