Lynchburg College Announces $5 Million Gift

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg College announced a big donation Tuesday as they welcomed students back to campus.

College officials say a man who passed away in February of 2013 gave the school $5 million. That's the bulk of the estate of Walter Ridgeway. The Roanoke native was a member of the class of 1948.

The gift is the largest in school history, and it was a surprise to them.

"This is the greatest gift Lynchburg College has ever received. This tremendous alumnus of the college believed in us so strongly, he wanted to see our college prosper in the years to come," said Lynchburg College President Dr. Kenneth Garren.

Lynchburg College plans to use half of the income to provide scholarships to students who attend the college from the Virginia Baptist Children's Home, Glade Spring Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Roanoke. The other half will fund new construction projects.