Lynchburg College and City Unsure About Future of College Lake Dam

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Council is facing a tough decision about the future of College Lake. Surveyors and environmental scientists began gathering information on the lake, dam, and underlying soil around the lake in July.


According to Lynchburg College Professor Tom Shahady, they found a large accumulation of sediment pushed against the dam and lake bottom.{}The 80-year-old dam also does not meet State regulations.Removing the sediment can cost the city upwards of 18 million dollars.{}The city and school have been discussing whether to repair the dam and remove the sediment, or replace the dam with a bridge and drain the lake.

"We would have to rehabilitate the lake bed and make it into a usable area which would involve potential trails or something like that. Or fields" said Lynchburg College Professor Tom Shahady.

The City will submit their study to the state in December. Shortly after they will have to reach a decision about what to do with the dam and lake.