Lynchburg College Alumnus Makes Dean Eccles Bobblehead

Lynchburg, VA - He's one of the most well known people on the campus of Lynchburg College. Now you can have Dean John Eccles with you all the time.

Alumnus Nigel Word created a bobblehead of Dean Eccles as a way to raise money for the college's new student center which is under construction right now.

Nigel was a part of a group soliciting donations for the new center and he knew the two magic words to say. He says anytime you say Dean Eccles, everyone is in.

Nigel even calls Eccles the school's second mascot. "The size of the head on the bobble head is how big his head gets when he talks about the student center. And when you tap the bobble head it is always moving it's always busy which is just like Dean Eccles" said Nigel.

"The best thing about this is that it doesn't talk. So unlike this version which talks way too much" said Dean Eccles.

You can buy the Dean Eccles bobblehead for $25. The first shipment is expected to arrive September 1st.

Bobble heads must be ordered through the Office of Student Activities at